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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama Mia

Had a good Mother's Day yesterday.  Just hung out with the family in one of my favorite stores(Whole Foods), & ate, & ate, & ate.  I bought a little too much for myself, I think.  Then headed over to IKEA to pick a few things up, & browse.  Finished the day with a stroll on the trail with all of us, & a couple of our dogs. 

Cabbage salad, veggie rolls & Samosas...oh my!
IKEA.  Sage has my eye roll down pretty good :)

Soooooo, all I really wanted for Mother's Day (aside from none of my kids fighting on the day) was my main man to have my closet our room could go back to normal.  Then I could put all the stuff around the room away, put on our new bedspread, & all would be right with my world :)  Yay!  He actually finished the closet early for me :) It might sound a little lame to be excited about a place to hang my duds, but I am a little bit, & I'm not even one of those ladies that is all into clothes & shoes!