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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Like A Sauna In Here

The heat has not been so bad this Summer, which is a good thing since our air conditioner is broken, & we have no moola to fix it.  However, this past week has been a hot humid mess....which makes me cranky.  Seriously, it's so warm up in my room, you would think I would've sweat off at least 5 lbs. by now.  So usually I try to sneak a little time to myself, & work on something...especially if the kids are all hot & cranky too.  Turn on the sprinklers or something for them & then I make my escape.  Here are a few fun little things I made this week.
She's  little odd, but that's ok....kind of a cross between a Russian Doll & a Kokeshi.
I needed something to put my Air Plant in, & I liked the look of this little jar

This girl, "Abilene", I made a few weeks back.  She is painted with acrylics, watercolors, & I used chalks & paper on her.
I do like the way she turned out :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Canyon Love

Give me mountains, give me desert....I could totally live there!  We've returned from our last hurrah of the Summer.  We hiked, & ran, explored, & admired the heck out of the beauty, that is this place...the Grand Canyon.  So very pretty.

Road trip--In the Cali desert, on our way

Sling Shot boy here, under strict orders only to shoot at tree trunks!
Hiking below the rim.  I'd love to hike all the way to the bottom one day.

Very cool tower, the name escapes me.  Great views from the top...although there was rain & lightening when we were in it.
Inside the tower
Love the ceiling art!
Is it me, or has Smokey the Bear been working out?
My Dad with Cody
Elk & Deer wander through the campground quite a bit
Love this little guy
India & Sage posing...Cody hiding in back

India's cute souvenir
The whole clan, minus the camera lady :)
So that is all folks, & now back to reality.  Home & chores, school shopping... & Fall just around the corner.  Grateful for an awesome Summer & many memories!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Recent Meanderings & Creations

Pink August Skies the other night...driving around trying to capture them.
Really? August already?

I think I could live my whole life in a Summer state of mind...wandering, exploring, creating my way through the days. Although, I guess Summer is more sweet because it only lasts for awhile.

We have been hitting the trails several times a week.  Kids on scooters, me jogging along side.  Or sometimes the kids running too. Also, I've been putting on the lovely swimming cap & goggle ensemble, to do laps in the pool each week. Still can't say I LOVE swimming, but sometimes I kind of enjoy it.  I have 2 races coming.  Half Marathon in October, & a Triathlon in December(yikes).  It seems like I had plenty of time to get ready awhile back, but now the races are coming fast.  I'm excited to visit San Francisco again, that's where the Half Marathon is, & I always love to roam the streets there.

I've been making some things lately.  A few clay pieces, a few paintings, that I will show.

Clay, paints, paper, vintage thimble....mounted on wood.

MS. Kahlo.  I decided to go for the groomed eyebrow look, not a fan of the unibrow :)
Mixed media.  Acrylics, chalks, watercolors, paper

Melancholy clay lady with yarn hair & little white hat

Starting a new painting

Finished the above painting. Acrylic, chalk, watercolor on wood.

Some pictures from our recent days...

Sawdust Festival in Laguna
Sawdust Festival again, I was trying to get a shot of the gloved hand behind me.

The Loving Hut....yummy Vegan food

One of our many treks on a trail.  This is in Whiting Ranch