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Monday, April 30, 2012


I bought this new shirt the other day, because it was callin' my name. I think it's my new favorite shirt.  Actually, I was thinking I should have bought several of them(filled my closet).  What if this one wears out?  It is just me, & it makes me happy.  As you see(picture below), it's a bit color crazy, so I love it.

These colors are inspiring me to make something(that & the fact that it feels like I haven't had much time for my art lately). I am thinking something maybe slightly offbeat, colorful...we shall see.  

More inspiration...rugs, fabric, in my place.

Today I bought some new clay today, beads, & some random bits & baubles that caught my eye.  I liked these little coil thingees(don't know what they are technically used for), in the jewelry section.  Also for some reason I also grabbed a pack of little silver safety pins. I had a vision in my head of how to use them. Sometimes the "vision" in my head doesn't always translate as well as I would like it to when I am actually in the creative process.  It's a little of a crap shoot.  So stay tuned, I am hoping to incorporate these things in a clay art doll soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you ever have those people/conversations that just sap the life out of you? Btw, it's my goal to not be one...a life sapper, a joy sucker(crossing fingers I am not :)  Or draining situations you just don't want to deal with?   They might not be that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but when added on top of other daily things, make you feel like whole your pile might topple.  I know, that is life...& I tell myself to suck it up & deal usually.  But sometimes I have a wee bit of a sulk first.

So I was bummed earlier, & I just sat out in my back yard for awhile with my fur pals by my side.  It's amazing what a beautiful day can do.  I started to feel better just being outdoors, enjoying my plants, looking at the sky.  I won't say it's a cure-all,  but it helps get me out of my head, & think on other things.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Birthday

TIRED....we had a houseful of Kindergarten girls here earlier, for India's 6th birthday.  It was perfect that the party date fell on Earth Day, a theme I can get into :)  They decorated pots & planted Marigolds in them, made dirt dessert (pudding, crushed oreos, with Gummy worms coming out of the top).  I decided to spare them my talk on the environment/climate change, etc.  Just kidding, I wasn't really going to give a speech or anything, 5 & 6 year old brains might be a bit young for that. I was kind of thinking of having them pick up trash around the neighborhood kids think it's actually fun. Ended up deciding it wouldn't be wise to hit the streets with a bunch of little ones, & try to keep my eyes on all of them.  Although, it would have been kind of amusing when the parents asked their kid what they did, & they told them they went out gathering trash at a BD party. Anyway, they all had fun making things &  eventually the party ended up in my girl's room, where I found them all putting makeup on each other, & jumping off the top bunk bed.  

                                          Happy Earth Day to you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Run & Relax

This past weekend we did the Hollywood Half Marathon.  It started at Universal Studios & we got to run through some really cool parts of town.  It helped to have all the shops, street art, & stars on the sidewalk to distract myself with during the race.  I would totally do this race again, the only thing I wasn't a fan of was the 2 miles up hill towards the finish would have been nice to coast on in down hill(or at least on flat ground).  Oh well :)

Oh, & after the race we hung out in the area awhile, & headed on over to Westwood, & visited the cemetary where Marilyn Monroe is buried.  I've wanted to visit where she was buried for a number of years it was a hightlight of my weekend.  At our hotel, when we were checking out,  this lady was walking around with one of my favorite kind of dogs(you don't see this kind too much) a Dogue De Bordeaux.   So of course I went over there & asked the lady if I could pet her dog, & was asking her all about it.   Richard was joking & saying he was surprised I didn't lay out a blanket & start taking pictures with the dog.  Ha ha, he knows me too well.  I would've, but the owner probably would've thought I was a crazy lady.  Anyway, good race in one of my favorite areas, sunny skies, got to visit Marilyn & always good to come across one of my favorite four-legged friends :)

Yesterday we had a somewhat non-active Easter, which is good sense it kind of hurts to bend my legs from the race. ha ha.   We got some new plants & vegetables & the kids helped us put them in the ground.  Had a egg hunt in the house, & went to a new park we found.  That was it for our weekend.

   Sometime after mile 12, shooting pain in knee...wondering "where is this dumb finish line?"

Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello.  I have been making a new art doll.  She is finished today.  I really love making things out of clay, because you never know how they are going to turn out.  I guess I am a bit curious myself to see what my hands will form, & what kind of fun things I can add to the piece, to give it it's own uniqueness.

I used to know a boy named Shalako, not well, but we went to grade school together. I always remembered the name because it was different, & lovely I think, for a boy or a girl.  Anyway, here she is.

Some of stuff I look at while I work on my art(my little inspiration wall).  I love the image of the lady with hyenas below(snatched from my National Geographic magazine)....the photographer was capturing peoples images in the glass, while looking at Museum displays.  Oh, & I am partial to colorful striped socks, especially when paired with skirts :)