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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not Too Wordy Today

                  My girl's birthdays just passed.  India is 9 now, & Sage 11.  

I had this big chunk written here, nothing profound or anything. Just about these two, & how I hope they will continue to grow into open minded & loving people.  About not wanting them to fall into the stuff that so many girls do, when they don't value themselves. But I erased it all, because it's one of those days I feel I really don't have my shit together, & I feel like a 15 year old a lot of times(today) just trying to be okay with me. Anyway, trying to be transparent enough for them(probably erring on the side of too much), & always there to listen/talk, & letting them have their own ideas about life & what they believe.  I'm hoping that will help them on their way to be being balanced people...not that there's a magic formula :)

        A picture I took for Earth Day above, with a little pot I painted.

I had been looking at Yoga poses on Instagram the other day. So I workout a lot, but feel like an elderly person when it comes to flexibilty.  Anyway, on this particular day I was practicing my Crow pose & could barely keep my feet off the ground for two seconds. Then of course my husband gets down on the floor & does it on his first try! Jerk :)

                     Recent Paper Clay bird lady.  She is about 6 1/2 inches tall.

This is an older painting of mine.  It used to have a plain background & every day I'd look at it & think it needed more color, so I finally added to it. Apparently I'm really into this Mustardy-Gold color & dark grey...I realized the Bird sculpture & this painting are pretty much the same colors.