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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainbow Warrior

Hello there.  Making this, I knew I wanted to do something different than normal, with her eyes.  Somehow it turned into all these different colorful shades coming from her peepers. I think she looks a little like a brave/sad, some kind of, little warrior girl. 

By the way, I have two little warrior girls here myself, & they aren't quiet, demure little things. Maybe I should interject here, in my own conversation, & say that I think there is nothing wrong with being quiet(more people should be)...just as long as you are bold, & say your peace when you need to. Anyway, so far they are adventurous, kind, speak their minds...I hope they always stay that way.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Palm Springs & Things

We returned yesterday afternoon, from spending a few days in the very hot desert.  Luckily, we were poolside, to keep cool, with friends most of time.  Funny, I never went on vacations like this as a kid.  It was all about sleeping in a tent, on the ground, freezing your you know what off.  Which has actually given me a love for camping, believe it or not. So I never pictured myself as a sit beside the poolside kind of gal, but it doesn't take long to get used to that sort of thing!  
Sage & India got so tan!  As for me, I got a little pink with some more freckles, I'm sure.
Here is some of the group that went. There was a whole other table of kids too.

I made this today.  I was kind of laughing to myself...about the title of the picture.  It just came from my head, & I wrote it.  It's not a cry for help or anything.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Call Me Orangey

First official full day of summer here, with all 3 kids home.  We filled the first part of our day running errands, & going to a park, with a little nature trail.  I ran the stairs there a couple of times, but decided it didn't feel quite right running in jean shorts...should have planned ahead.
So in honor of summer, & the fact that I am somewhat pale, I decided to get a tan(the safe way).  I went & got a spray tan yesterday. I was surprised how quick it was(only like 30 seconds). I really didn't know what to expect. I had to stand butt naked in a contraption that sprayed me front & back, like a car wash.  Here's the part where I think I messed up, I don't think I payed attention to the directions too well.  I think I was supposed to put their special lotion in wrinkles, creases, & in my nail beds, etc. so the color wouldn't pool there.  Also was supposed to wipe down with a towel afterward....instead of air drying, like I did.  Oops.
Ha ha...these are my feet, & by the way, I usually hate showing my feet.  This picture does not show them in their full orange blotchy loveliness.  Even my nails are orange too.  I think spray tans may not be for me. Next time I think I am just going to have to embrace my lack of color, & be happy with it.

Cody is enjoying the nice warm day.  He finds things like swimming trunks & diapers a little cumbersome, when he is outside.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Padre's Day

I was digging through my parent's pictures, at their house yesterday.  I was on a search, for pictures of them, to use for their 40th Anniversary party, that is coming up.  Found a few good ones, & ended up finding this picture of my Dad & I....quite handsome, back in the day, don't you think?  I have been blessed to have a great Father, & I am grateful .  A lot of people have rotten ones, so I know I am lucky. He always had time for us, & never gave up on my brother or I (we were quite a handful).  He has taught me a lot by his example.  He is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back, works hard(2 jobs), & I never hear him complain(I'm still working on that one).  He is content with simple things, doesn't need a lot of money or stuff to make him happy...& I love all those things about him.

Yesterday, for an early Father's Day outing, we went to Descanso Gardens with my folks & brother.  I love this place, & used to get to go there more, when we lived closer.  It's in La Canada(near Pasadena).

One thing I would say to my girls, & will say when they are a bit marry someone like your Dad.  I think that is good advice for most girls(assuming they had a good one).  I didn't do this on purpose, but I realize now, that Richard has a lot of the same good qualities my Dad has.  They are both super patient, both have a great sense of humor & can make you laugh(that is important), both hard working, etc.  Anyway, those are my words of wisdom(I don't usually have many :)

My kids have been working on this little terrarium to give to Richard today.  

      India was so excited to have Richard open her gifts she made in school.

We are headed out to friends house, in awhile, to celebrate the rest of the day.  Actually, I am supposed to be making appetizers, & instead I am glued to this computer.  I better get cooking.  Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flora with her flower-head

So I am a girl who Loves, Loves to be out digging in the dirt, tending to the blooms & sprouts in my backyard.  I used to get a lot more time to just work outside, in the garden, back in the days before kids.  I miss it some, & I when I envision my ideal place to live, it's not the big house I want....but some land.  A big yard to do whatever I want with....some chickens, some vegetables & herbs, flowers of course, & a mini cow for sure.  Yes, there is such a thing as mini cows, & they are mighty cute.  When I still lived at my folks house, I had quite a little oasis in their backyard.  Basically I think I took over their back yard...& they let me. I remember I would spend quite a few hours sometimes, just planting, & weeding, & keeping it all looking nice.  I had shade plants with a cover over the top, a little pond, in the ground, with water plants, & goldfish in it. On the other side of the yard, I had a little cactus garden.  Also, I should mention, that I had a big two room bird aviary built in their backyard.  It was built for my 18th birthday(crazy girl, wanting an aviary for my BD).  We had white doves, Diamond doves, Finches, Quails, Lovebirds, & parakeets in there. What is my point...besides my parents indulging my whims?  Nothing much.  Just thinking about gardening, & the satisfaction it brings me. Hoping I will spend more time in the soil, in the coming months.  Just happy summer is almost here, & I will be outdoors more...that's all.
This my new girl Flora.  I have been kicking around ideas in my head, about making a clay doll head, & opening the top of the head for a little plant, or nature scene.  Since that is what she thinks about, it is only fitting, it is coming out of her head.

She has moss on top of her head, with paper flowers,  grasses & a little clay bird.  I plan on trying to make a girl with real air plants or succulents coming out of her head...that'll be a project for next week maybe.  Anyway, all this talk(or should I say typing) of gardening/being outdoors has reminded me, I need to go out & water.  Happy planting, or tree hugging to you...whatever you are into :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty Queens

I love that my girls are getting a little older, & I can take them a long more places, & enjoy doing older things with them.  This afternoon, I kind of bribed them.  I told them if they run stairs with me, at Sage's elementary school, I would take them to the playground.  It worked out for all of us.  I got my exercise partners, & they got to play.

When we got home, they wanted makeovers.  See, this is why I like having girls....they like to do things like this :)
I told Sage to do the "serious model pose".  

India really gets into her posing.

I was thinking, looking at them with make up on...oh man, wait til' they're teenagers & the boys come around.  Future heart breakers.

I worked on this art print today.  It is of my clay doll, Matilda.  Richard assisted me...I have the ideas in my head, but usually need some help making them come about. Sometimes, I think he is the genius behind my madness. Ha ha.  Anyway, the Matilda print has some texture(kind of looks like paint splatter), that I got from Deviant Art. They have some good textures on their site.  Then I added some hand drawn flowers of mine, & a paper feather.  Ta-da.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today, my daughter India's question was...Mom, do Gingers have souls?  I was like, Gingers?  What the heck does she mean?  I said, do you mean redheads?  Cause I have heard of redheads referred to as Gingers. Nope. It turns out she was just asking if Ginger(the spice, plant, whatever it is) has a soul.

Yesterday, I painted/drew this girl.  I don't really know if this blog post has a theme...but there is a lot of red in the painting(which goes with the Gingers talk a little).  Actually, it was kind of reminding me of the colors around the town of Sedona a bit, & I was thinking I need to get back there one of these days.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Inspiring Place

Today we went to The Camp, with friends.  I really love this place, it is outdoorsy, hip, & has some fun & quirky shops.

Look, even their parking lot is super neat...

Nice little Airstream trailer(I got to get me one of these), which is a shop that hadn't opened yet.

There were a lot of kids with us :)

This store has a tree they built in the middle of it, with giant yarn balls hanging from it.  Hmmm...I wonder if I could re-create this at my place?  I bet our cat would like it!

Cody was having fun trying on hats, in one of the stores.

In other news (well, not really news)....I started this new clay girl yesterday & just finished her.  I had found this cool, old, ornate metal piece. I bought it & knew I wanted to incorporate it into one of my dolls.  So here is different stages of making her, & the finished product.

At this point in time, when it is just a faceless head, it always looks a little strange.  I wonder what it is going to end up looking like...

I am calling it(her), Willow and Her Feathers. I like the way she turned out, a little Indian, a tad Bohemian, a tiny bit Steampunk...all rolled into one.