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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Happy June 1st....summer is almost upon us, & I for one, am glad.  Can't wait to relax & not to have too much of a schedule, even though I will still probably write my list of things to do each day(I'm a list person). We have some trips of them is a big road trip, so that will be an adventure.    

Made this collage thingee, for fun....of Jean Harlow.  When I was younger(probably Jr. High or so), I loved old movie stars.  My bedroom walls were covered with pictures Rita Hayworth, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow & Marilyn Monroe.  I even tried to bleach my hair to look platinum blonde, but forgot to put something in it(toner I think), & ended up looking like a lemon head.   Love the costumes, jewelry & glamor of old Hollywood.

 Crazy that she was born in 1911 & died in long ago, my Grandparents were just little kids then.

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