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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Snow

This past weekend we went searching for the little bit of winter that is still left.  All we really needed was a patch, just a small (preferably white) patch of snow, & our kids would've been happy.  Luckily, even though we waited until Spring, the mountains still had more than enough to make a fun day.

Ahhh, nothing like wet jeans...I forgot to put the snowsuits on them, until it was too late.

Remember that old song...Ebony & Ivory?

Sooooo, my new business cards arrived today...I think they're cute, but it doesn't take much to excite me :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello. This is my new clay art doll, Clara...Clara Bow to be exact(after the silent screen actress). The fabric on her bow was my inspiration, I loved it in the store, & had to go with the purple theme. Just got done snapping her picture.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today we haven't been out much, it's COLD!   Actually me not at all.  See this is what happens when you have one cooped up girl & a camera...self portrait time...a fuzzy one, at that.
Notice the wonderful background of a messy closet? 

Well,  I do feel like I accomplished a little something today.  Richard helped me design new business cards( I really love them). I should be getting them back from the printer's in a few days :)  That is it in my world for now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beginning To End

Glad this new painting/collage is done.  That was a lot of cutting & paper arranging, let me tell you!  I really love how her hair turned out.  At first I was maybe just going to paint her hair, but am glad I didn't.

Early stages....she is drawn & the background painted a little.  I was playing with the paper, getting ideas.

         She is painted some & I was trying to figure out what to do with her hair.

                  Starting to collage her many pieces of magazine hair.

              Hair is done(sigh of relief).  Now, what to do with the clouds?

Darkened the background a bit...maybe it was a bit too cheery for me before :)

More collage work, shades of grey, for the clouds & it is all done.   I am thinking of calling it "Sometimes She Missed Her Colorful Past".

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Rocks!

My kid's Emily The Strange calendar sums up how I feel today(& about the upcoming Spring).  Sun is out, I got to get out on a trail, took the kids to a park(good Mom day), & have been working on a painting/collage, I am digging.

I have also been screwing around on Gimp.  We used to have Photoshop, & I was starting to know how to do some cool stuff on it.  Now we have Gimp, & I really have no bleepin' clue what I'm doing.  For example, this picture of idea what I pressed (I think it was coffee stain)  & how it turned into circles on her face.  Ha ha.  Trial & error, right?

What I should be doing, is reading.  We are in this group, & I have 2 Chapters to read for tonight.  It's about how you grew up, what type of person you are, & how you parent as that type.  According to the quiz I am an Avoider & a Vacillator.  Whatever :)   Although, I must admit some of the descriptions rang true.  I think the last line in the picture below is kind of funny...

So instead of doing my "homework" for group, I have been making some art.  I'll show more of the process of making it when I am done.  Here is a picture of how it looks so far.  Adios for now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Really Big Fruit

Oh wow, it's a lovely day out.  I feel like I want to go lie in the sun & drink it all in, but I probably wouldn't be able to stay still.  I love warm days like this, but the problem is I want to do everything.  Like I have stored up all these little plans in my heads, from the blah days, & I feel like I have to get it all in at once.  I am still in my sweaty clothes(I probably could have left that out), from hitting the hiking trail earlier with the family.  Headed to the art store after the hike, & got some new canvas, art pens, & other good stuff.  Going to go outside & get some art work going.
I was in a store the other day, & saw this rather robust apple,  & what can I say, I am a sucker for large plastic fruit, I guess.  There was also a cute pear( I may have to go back :)  Anyway, I thought it was a good prop for pictures, so I was just playing around & having India pose with it.