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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This painted clay girl's name is Flynn.  I finished her last night.  She has a fabric dress & her hair is made of fabric too.

Yesterday was like Art Day at our house.  I worked on my clay doll, while the girls  occupied themselves drawing.  Cody took a super long nap(my lucky day!), that is only really when I can work on things.

I had drawn & painted this girl's head awhile back, & left it in my watercolor book.  I ended up doing some more work on her & she ended up transforming into a butterfly.  I may add her to some other layers & put her in an art print...right now she is hanging on my shelves, in my art room.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beaches, Whales & a few things in between

Late July, already?  This summer is going fast, & we have been having a great time lately, at a few beaches & seeing some long time friends.
              Califia Beach in San Clemante.

Had to take a pic of this guy, on top of a CVS Pharmacy, in Venice Beach.

Love going to Venice's not your typical beach. It definitely has a different vibe, with it's colorful people & shops.

              Medical Marijuana anyone?

The Griffith's came to visit.  We don't get to see them much, cause they are in Nebraska.  I was thinking...I've pretty much known this girl (Jennifer), my whole life.  I can't really remember not knowing her.  It's good to have old friends who know all about you, & still like you anyway :)

This is Charlotte & Lillian, with my kids.  Crazy, I was in the room when their oldest girl, Lillian was born.  She's now 14. Time flies!

            Charlotte, Tyler, Cody, India & Sage

Yesterday, we headed to Sea World in San Diego with Jennifer/Scott & family.

I was waiting to see these guys...the Beluga Whales. Look at that cute smiley face it has.

Traffic on the way home from Sea World, but beautiful skies to look at.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Practice & Pretend

Today has been a lazy day somewhat. Not lazy, like we didn't do anything, because actually we did a lot...we just didn't have anything scheduled, or have to be anywhere.  Earlier we headed to the park so my oldest daughter, Sage, could practice riding her skateboard...& for a little exercise.  

Richard was showing Sage how it's done & making us laugh...I was telling him I've never seen anyone have their butt out that far, while riding a skateboard.

  Sage gets a little frustrated when she isn't doing as great as she wants to.

I just love how kid's minds they can make something out of nothing. They are good reminders that things aren't always what they seem, if you use your imagination.  Awhile ago today, Richard & I were cleaning like crazy (Summer cleaning that should have been Spring), cause we are going to have house guests soon. I looked in the garage, where the kids were playing, & I saw they had their own little beach out there, right on the concrete.

Here are Summer buddies: Chowder & Little Bear.  Little Bear thinks she's a cat, & likes to be up on the table outside with her friend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Spirit

Ok, so I like to think I'm a free spirit, but am I truly?  I like the idea of being unattached to stuff, ready to take off at will.  Putting all the essentials in a backpack & roaming the earth sometimes appeals to me. Although in my head I picture myself traveling on beautiful trails, seeing cool little towns...not at dirty truck stops or running into any creepy people. That movie Into The Wild messed with my head a lot, I like that idea of just being free & not tethered to things, like the main character was... after I saw it I kind of wanted to take off on a trek. I felt the need to just pack up some things & go somewhere, I let the feeling subside somewhat though, because I can't very well do that with a husband, 3kids & all my furry friends that coexist with us.  I do get small tastes of that arms open wide freedom, where I just want to breathe it all in, when out in the meadows of Yosemite, or by one of the beautiful lakes in Mammoth...& I think how can I bottle this feeling?  I wonder if I really have to go back to my normal life(not that I don't like it).  Would people notice if I just stayed?  Maybe I could just have someone put a sign on my door back home that says "Stayed in the mountains".  Just daydreaming.   But alas, I also like order & planning, & lists upon I am not totally a fly by the seat of my pants type of person, or at least not as much as I'd like to be sometimes. I like being carefree with a definite sense of order.  Ha ha.  Anyway, here is to the free spirit in all of us :)

                              Yea, I got back to some embroidery work today!  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deirdra. A Forest Girl

This is my latest creation, Deirdra.  She is a clay girl, that has some paper & fabric elements. Her head was originally not meant to tilt hardly at all, & then I didn't check on her while she was cooking in my oven, & oops, when I took her out, she was leaning over.  I guess you could say she was a happy accident, because I was thinking of pitching her in the trash, before I had painted her or anything.  Glad I didn't.  I embroidered a bit on her dress, & made her a beaded necklace.  I kept thinking of what I could put behind her & ended up finding a picture from last summer, I had taken in a forest, in Washington state.  I colored it some, making it reddish rust colors, & there you go.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bears On The Brain & Melted Cake

Too many things on my mind = little sleep. Last night the main sources of my insomnia were our coming trip to Yellowstone, & preparations for my parent's 40th Anniversary party.  I was already a little paranoid about the Grizzly Bears while camping, & then I saw an article the other day, about a husband & wife who were hiking there & came upon a mother & cubs....& the man got mauled to death.  I was tossing & turning into the wee hours of the morning, wondering should I take my kids there?  What should I buy...bear spray, a hunting knife?  Should I sleep with a helmet on?  Ha ha, but seriously I am considering the helmet thing. Yellowstone is so beautiful & I just want to be able to go & relax somewhat, & not be paranoid...hopefully I'll get to that point.

Also I was thinking about my parent's party, which is this coming Sunday.  We ordered a cake with whipped cream frosting.  The party is supposed to be somewhat outdoors(at my aunt & uncle's), at 3pm, in sunny Southern California.  I was thinking, why did I plan it for 3pm, in July?  It's going to be blazing hot...I kept picturing no room in the fridge, cake frosting melting all over the place, etc. There are a lot of older people coming to the party, how are they going to hold up in the heat?  Things like this are a good reminder to me, to just let them go, stop thinking of all the what ifs...that's what I try to do these days. Let it go, it's going to be fine... it's all good!  My mantra.

In the evening yesterday, we did a trail run.  It was in Peter's Canyon & was 5 miles.  It was a fun run...there are quite a few hills at first & then it is relatively flat, as you come in towards the finish line.
Toby, Dad & Richard
Me, Catherine, Dad & Toby
One of the killer hills. 
Dad & Toby hitting the finish line.