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Friday, October 16, 2015

Great Big World

October is not feeling very Fall-ish so far....last week we had a whole string of days over 100 degrees.  Even me, the person who loves it pretty warm & sunny,  am over it.  I think I may be actually ready for a change of climate.  We'll see.  The husband & I, are in talks about him looking for a job this Spring, & moving hopefully in Summer, to the Denver area.  So at first it was Oregon that was on my radar to move to, because of the greenery.  But I know my little head, just can't handle the grey & the rain.  So then I was onto Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It looks like an awesome place for artists, but I don't know what Richard would do with his time....not too many tech jobs.  Maybe take up wood working or something?  I've also perused Austin, TX. area in my research.  But for so many reasons I am drawn to Colorado.  Love the mountains, the open land, the cool downtown areas....& it's pretty darn sunny.  Cold, but sunny.

I'm kind of afraid though.  I try to be a person that does things that scare me in life, I force myself to do the uncomfortable sometimes.  But really so much scares me.  Moving away from absolutely everyone I know, sounds like an adventure, but scary as hell.  But being stagnant is not a good alternative.

I've been thinking about all these things a lot.  I constantly think about life, am I doing the the right things, making a difference?  Am I wasting mine? Is this decision right, or that one?  Does it even matter?  I kind of drive myself crazy thinking, & then I usually get to the point where I say fuck it.  Very inspirational thought process, don't you think?

So making a big move is on my brain(maybe it's my escape plan)....& just contemplating life, as usual.  By the way, side note here, people who think they have it all figured out(have you met a few? they have the answers for everything) ....I don't get them.  How do you not question, ponder, mull over things? It's a great big world out there, I have so little worked out.  

Here are some of our Fall pics taken in the glorious Southern California heat.  Also, a little clay girl I made for Day of the Dead.  I need to get on it & make some more Halloween/Day of the Dead art....haven't had much time to devote to art lately :(