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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Life Full Of Camping Trips

Sometimes I think camping is kind of a pain.  You know, the packing, the dirt, setting up the good old tent, uncomfortable sleeping situations.  If you are like me you toss & turn most of the night, wondering what each little noise outside was.  A bear? A skunk?  A crazed killer? is so worth it!  Being outdoors, having an adventure.  My whole life I've been camping, & that is a lot of what I remember over the years, the places my parents took us as kids.  I remember the  getting up at the crack of dawn, the smell of my dad's old work truck & camper, that he would clean out & put us in.  Every once in awhile, if he turned too sharp, cans of food would come raining down on my brother & I.  Good times :)  I remember hikes, & beautiful lakes, ghost towns, & laughing around the campfire.

My kids have been camping since they were babies. At times in a tent, freezing my butt off, with a 3 month old, I've questioned my own sanity for doing it!  But you just do it, & get through the not so great parts, cause it will hopefully give them(& us) so many good memories.  I want my 3 to grow up, love being outdoors, & be in awe of all the things God created on this earth.

We just came back from Jalama Beach(near Solvang, Ca).  It was awesome.  It's a beach off the beaten path, you have to go through some hilly/twisty roads, & you finally come out on a hilltop overlook of the blue blue water.  There were mountains & wetlands behind our camp, as well as a view of the ocean. Not much more I could ask for :)

I was thinking several times over the trip, looking at my kids little faces, that life is going fast.  Their faces aren't so babyish anymore, their little bodies are getting taller & more lean. My Mom was showing the kids little dvd's of themselves from several years ago on the trip, & I can hardly remember a lot of those years.  It seems like a lot is a blur when you're a new parent, & don't know quite what to do.  I don't want to keep them young, but sometimes I wish I could freeze time, maybe for just a little while.  Cause I feel like maybe I didn't enjoy them being little as much as I could have....or I just didn't get how fast it would all go by.

**Sigh** Now that I ended it on a bittersweet note.