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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hi there.  I am mostly sharing a few pics from our fun weekend trip to Palm Springs.  But first, here are my daughter Sage's 2 little pets, that she keeps in a bucket & feeds every day.  She has inherited her mother's love & fasination for all kinds of creatures, even if they are things that other people would consider pests.

The tomato worms named : Thing1 & Thing 2
On to our trip.....

Always need a few good jumping on the bed shots.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting Not Packing

Whew, June is just flying by!  We are headed out to Palm Springs around noon today, but I have been preoccupied with finishing this ginormous painting I've been working on.  So I probably have some random clothes thrown into our bags,  I am hoping that somewhat matching outfits can be made from what is in there!  I only really had a few things on my personal to-do list before going...

1.  Paint toenails, & make feet somewhat presentable(my nails are black & blue from the last half marathon I did).  Pretty darn attractive, I know :)

2.  Apply self tanning lotion, & hope for a good outcome!

3.  Purchase a somewhat low calorie cocktail to take along.  I ended up with Gin & diet sparkling cranberry juice....Gin & Juice(by the way, I think this is considered a drink old ladies like).

Vacation here we come!


So I have been wanting to get a big painting or photograph for over our couch, for the longest. There have been a few photographs I've seen that I had my eye on. Then I started thinking about getting an original painting by an artist, & I had way too many ideas of what I wanted(abstract,portrait,landscape??).  As you can guess, they are quite pricey too.  Anyway, I kind of just said the heck with it, I'll try painting my here it is.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two New

Hello. Ughhh,  my cold has been lingering...go away already!  I feel good so far this week though,  I ran a few miles yesterday, & forced my lazy behind to the gym this morning.  Then I came home today & tried on my new bathing suit top. I was thinking, for the amount of stomach crunches I've done lately, I should see miracles.  Ho hum, it wasn't so.  Maybe I will just consider getting abs spray painted on :)   

I have also been working on these two creations over the past couple days.  I am rather partial  to the little asian-ish clown looking one (whatever she is).  They are painted/drawn, & collaged,  onto wood plaques, that can be hung on the wall.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's up June Bug?

Happy June out there!  Just enjoying the day here, going to head out for some exercise soon.  Was snapping pictures of my cute little Chowder cat, out in the backyard(she loves her supervised outdoors visits :)

In other randomness, I think I've discovered I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.   So we are on a break right now...a trial seperation, if you will.  I'm sure this first day, without pinning ,will be the roughest :)
Also, I was very excited to see one of favorite artists Cori Dantini is having a new line of stuff coming out by the company Demdaco. I have 2 of her prints on my kitchen walls...can't wait to get some of the new stuff, for mi casa.

That is all for now...hope to have some new art to show soon!