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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting Not Packing

Whew, June is just flying by!  We are headed out to Palm Springs around noon today, but I have been preoccupied with finishing this ginormous painting I've been working on.  So I probably have some random clothes thrown into our bags,  I am hoping that somewhat matching outfits can be made from what is in there!  I only really had a few things on my personal to-do list before going...

1.  Paint toenails, & make feet somewhat presentable(my nails are black & blue from the last half marathon I did).  Pretty darn attractive, I know :)

2.  Apply self tanning lotion, & hope for a good outcome!

3.  Purchase a somewhat low calorie cocktail to take along.  I ended up with Gin & diet sparkling cranberry juice....Gin & Juice(by the way, I think this is considered a drink old ladies like).

Vacation here we come!


So I have been wanting to get a big painting or photograph for over our couch, for the longest. There have been a few photographs I've seen that I had my eye on. Then I started thinking about getting an original painting by an artist, & I had way too many ideas of what I wanted(abstract,portrait,landscape??).  As you can guess, they are quite pricey too.  Anyway, I kind of just said the heck with it, I'll try painting my here it is.

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