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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Boxes Of Memories, & Heaps Of Junk

Hey there.  I'm fighting a constant nervous flutter in my stomach.  We are moving to Colorado next month!

It's what we wanted.  But it was one thing to dream about it, & another to actually pick up & move to a land of no friends & no family.

It's all an adventure though, & I know in my heart I would regret it if we played it safe & chickened out.  So we are getting ready to leap :)

So this place we call home currently is more than cluttered, more than chaotic to live in right now.  Treasures are being packed, & quite a lot of accumulated tchotchkes are going to Goodwill to be re-homed.  Home renovations are taking place here, for the next person who lives in these walls.

I'm waiting until the last minute to pack up all my art supplies, & finished work I store in my bedroom.  I'm not looking forward to it...a lot of little things that need to be carefully packed.  Also, I want to have my stuff accessible in case I feel the urge to create.  Anyway, so those things will be the last to get tucked away.

Moving clutter & Pets

Below is some work I did the over the last couple of weeks.  A watercolor & paper collage on wood & some embroidery.

Also, it hasn't been all packing & not so fun stuff.  The kid's & I snuck off for a few days to Mammoth with my parents & brother.