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Monday, May 30, 2011

A St. Fair, Art, & the Great Outdoors

Hello to you.  We are wrapping up our Memorial Day weekend here, & it has been an action packed one.  Yesterday, we went to the Patchwork Indie Arts Festival, which is a cool street fair in Santa Ana with homemade goods.  

                 I  bought this little thing, cause I love the little people & little plants.

                                             India's new seed necklace.         

                     This is my new clay doll I have been working on this weekend.

 Her name is Matilda.  I decided to try yarn hair for a change, instead of making the hair from clay too.

At some point, earlier today, I decided I needed a new profile pic for my computer stuff, & I got a little fixated on that for awhile.

My parents & brother came over this afternoon, so we went out to exercise.

       We hiked in Whiting Ranch. We're lucky to have all this right near our place.

                                                     Little hiker guy.

So all good things must come to an end, I guess.  Glad to have had a good weekend with my family, & to have got a few things done a long the way too.  Peace Out for now :) 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Bear Fashionista

We were headed to the dog park earlier today, & my girls had put this hat on Little Bear.  She kept the hat on long enough to pose for a few photos.  It's probably a good thing she got it off, I wouldn't want the other dogs at the park making fun of her :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Under The Sun

Yesterday was a good, good day.   Nothing but sunny skies, & after I had run all my errands, I decided to sit out back & do a little art work.

                                                 Cody was trying to help me paint.

                   Taking pictures outdoors, of something I made for my Etsy site.  

                                            Painted this girl yesterday also.                            

Friday, May 20, 2011

Want To Mention

Hi there.  A few nice little things have happened lately, that I want to say....

First of all, the other day I got a lovely little gift in the mail. It was for no real reason(just to be nice), from one of my oldest friends, Kelly.  She was at a museum & saw this little plate, & said it reminded her of me & my son Cody.  It happens to be by one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt.  I love it :)

I was thinking of recreating this pose for my blog...ha ha, but didn't do it.  I would have worn a shirt, of course.

Secondly, we were supposed to have a Leader's Meeting, at church, the other day.  I had been planning on going to an art show that day, but decided I should go to the meeting instead...but I was a little bummed to miss the art thing.  Anyway, we went up to have the meeting, & the high schoolers jumped out to surprise us, & it was a little party for us leaders.  The high schoolers made us a video, & also they wrote little messages to each of us on these frame things with our names.  I tell you, I almost cried...seriously.  I have wondered a lot of times, if I should be volunteering in there, if they appreciate me, etc.  So it was good to hear & good to be there!

Oh, yeah...& I finished my clay girl Astrid, that I showed in my last blog.  I put her in her wood box, painted some clouds behind her, & wrote the words "take flight"...since she has wings in her hair.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ode to the Tele & Astrid

I think I am suffering withdrawals, my television has not been working all day. That is fine for the morning & early afternoon, but by 3:30-4 o'clockish, I need something to take the edge off.  Ha ha.  Usually by 4pm or so, I crank on that big black box with all the colorful pictures, & I am eagerly awaiting Richard's return to help me out with these darling kids of his :) But today I am reminding myself, that plenty of people live without feeding their heads with all the mindless junk that's on TV...that is how I am working through this little personal crisis :)  I'm thinking this no TV thing is good for me.

I was working on this clay girl today.  For some reason, she looks to me like she could hail from another place.  I was trying to think of a good Greek name for her, but the name Astrid keeps sticking in my brain(I think that may be Swedish).  I still need to put some kind of clothing on her, & finish a few odds & ends.  So this is what she looks like so far.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Do What You Love...

Hi there, & happy Friday to you!  Below is a doll I made for my friend's birthday.  I have to say I don't make things for just anyone, but I know she appreciates it, & she gets me, & she encourages me in my artistic pursuits.  She is a great friend to have, who is always up for an adventure, a race, a fast(not so fun)...or occasionally running through the streets of San Francisco at night :)  
Before she was painted, she looked a little like an alien.
Decorating the box she was going in.
All finished.

 Below are a few things I've made lately.  Hope to get some more things in the works next week.  
This collage sold on ETSY a little while ago.

Miss Lemony.  Painting/drawing on wood.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10/ This Day In May

Hello out there.  Doing this 10 on 10 photo thingee again....take pics for 10 consecutive hours, on the 10th day of the month.  Today was a good day, although I hear some fighting going on now, as I kids, ho hum.

                              7am.  Yarn & Chowder

                                    8am.  What necklace to wear?

                                9am.  Reflection in Parking Lot

                                10am. Women's Bible Study

                    11am.  Flower covered hills, near our place.

 12pm.  Thinking of doing an art collage with one of my favorite old time movie stars, Jean Harlow.

                        1pm.  My crowded art desk

                       2pm.  Should grown people play with dolls?

                       3pm. Uh oh, 7 year old behind the wheel

                                 4pm. Man-Deer crossing

                                 5pm. Garden Fairy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Word To Your Mother

 Some fun, & amusing things I did on this Mother's Day....

  1. Shaved my dog Chewie, he was constantly scratching. I decided to do this about 20 minutes before church...not good time management!  Now he looks a little like a plucked chicken.
  2. Opened up my stylish new pink hairbrush(a gift from my kids).
  3. Sat in between both of my parents during the church service on marriage/sex....awkward! ha ha
  4. Had a really good Veggie burger with grilled onions & jalepenos on it....yum :)
  5. Hung out with my parents, brother, kiddos, & husband, at the Irvine Spectrum & enjoyed the day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feels Like Sunday

It feels like the end of a long, good weekend here.  Richard (the husband guy), took today off & we have been celebrating Sage's 7th birthday, & now we are just hanging out.
  We went to Fashion Island, in Newport Beach for lunch, & Sage wanted to go to Build A Bear there.

                                       My lunch was called "The Vegan Feast"

                                                     New Birthday Bear

    Cody was trying to go in every fountain he least he sat still for a moment!

 I kind of like these odd heads we saw at Roger's Gardens...I'd like them better if you could put a plant in the top.

This is Sage's new skateboard from Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Toby.  Yours truly gave her the sticker to put on it.  When we got home from our days activities, I was trying to teach her how to skateboard in the garage.  Ha ha, really I only know how to stand on it & turn....that's about it.  Sage thought I knew what I was doing though.