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Friday, May 20, 2011

Want To Mention

Hi there.  A few nice little things have happened lately, that I want to say....

First of all, the other day I got a lovely little gift in the mail. It was for no real reason(just to be nice), from one of my oldest friends, Kelly.  She was at a museum & saw this little plate, & said it reminded her of me & my son Cody.  It happens to be by one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt.  I love it :)

I was thinking of recreating this pose for my blog...ha ha, but didn't do it.  I would have worn a shirt, of course.

Secondly, we were supposed to have a Leader's Meeting, at church, the other day.  I had been planning on going to an art show that day, but decided I should go to the meeting instead...but I was a little bummed to miss the art thing.  Anyway, we went up to have the meeting, & the high schoolers jumped out to surprise us, & it was a little party for us leaders.  The high schoolers made us a video, & also they wrote little messages to each of us on these frame things with our names.  I tell you, I almost cried...seriously.  I have wondered a lot of times, if I should be volunteering in there, if they appreciate me, etc.  So it was good to hear & good to be there!

Oh, yeah...& I finished my clay girl Astrid, that I showed in my last blog.  I put her in her wood box, painted some clouds behind her, & wrote the words "take flight"...since she has wings in her hair.

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