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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feels Like Sunday

It feels like the end of a long, good weekend here.  Richard (the husband guy), took today off & we have been celebrating Sage's 7th birthday, & now we are just hanging out.
  We went to Fashion Island, in Newport Beach for lunch, & Sage wanted to go to Build A Bear there.

                                       My lunch was called "The Vegan Feast"

                                                     New Birthday Bear

    Cody was trying to go in every fountain he least he sat still for a moment!

 I kind of like these odd heads we saw at Roger's Gardens...I'd like them better if you could put a plant in the top.

This is Sage's new skateboard from Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Toby.  Yours truly gave her the sticker to put on it.  When we got home from our days activities, I was trying to teach her how to skateboard in the garage.  Ha ha, really I only know how to stand on it & turn....that's about it.  Sage thought I knew what I was doing though.

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