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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Came Across...

I came across this very cool site today, it's so much fun. I've been playing on it(my kids love it too).  I believe it is called Harmony....I think it's pretty neato.

I just made this girl/creature in a minute or so.  I love the textures you can use, like fur, webbing, chrome, etc.  It's super easy to just fiddle around on it a bit, & create stuff.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Doodle Draw

Just playing around here with my ink pens, & a little bit of watercolor.  Actually I should be tidying up the house a bit, we have worker guys coming over tomorrow, & I'm pretty happy about it.  They are going to measure our living room & entry way, cause yours truly is getting new bamboo floors.  Goodbye smelly old carpet! I am a little worried about my dogs nails on the new flooring, maybe I will have to get them some cute little dog shoes.  Anyway, I should get back to my drawing....or cleaning :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colored Puddles

Not too much of a fan of rain, but every now & then, it's a nice change.  Here's a picture I snapped this rainy morning.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I was just looking at some of my books, & realizing it seems like eons since I have actually sat down to read, & since I have finished a book from cover to cover.  I have a stack of started books, ones I got halfway through, others that I intend on reading.  Hmmmm, what happened to me?  I can't seem to quiet my mind enough to focus on reading lately.  When my kids are actually all quiet at once(which is rare), & I could read,  I find other stuff to do.  Anyway, I need to get back...get my nose in a good book again.  Also, I have just been looking around this office/art studio room we have here, cause the plan is to change this into the girl's room this summer.  Maybe I am feeling a bit nostalgic already, thinking of my little half of the room art studio I have now in here & how that was my dream, that will have to be picked up, & moved to another nook.  I still have about half a year to enjoy it though, & it will be fun to decorate the girl's new room! 

Love interesting books about people's lives, literature, mysteries, etc.  I know reading on a Kindle or whatever new electronic thing is cool(& better for the trees, so I'm a little torn) but I just love the way they look on my shelves.  

So also in this room is my hodge podge of collections. I like old stuff, things that have a story...but I admit I may have a slight collecting problem. I've been good lately though! I have some of my old Daguerreotypes & Ambrotypes in here, which are pictures in little cases from the 1800's. Old glass marbles.  Some Japanese dolls & figurines. Old family pictures. Yada yada.  Just thinking, where am I going to put all this stuff when we rearrange? Hmmm, guess I will cross that bridge later.

One of my pictures from the 1800's.  Don't know who this lady is, but I like her dress, & love the pretty velvet in these little cases.

                                                 Japanese Hakata dolls.

This is my Great Great Grandparents, & the little girl is my Great Grandmother(I never met her).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clay, the Cat, & a King

Hello.  Finished making a new clay girl last night.  I named her Jacinda, & placed her in an upside down glass version of a bell jar.  Her she is:

Just because Chowder is so cute, I thought I'd share this picture of her.  She has taken to hanging out in the kid's makeshift cardboard box puppet theater.

This morning we made some pictures of Martin Luther King, in honor of his day today.  He is my hero, & I admire him a lot, lot, lot.   Every year I watch the 2 hour King story, & the kiddos watch some too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love The Girl, I Do

Have I mentioned my fondness for Coraline before...yes? I decided to do a little tribute to her, as she has been on my brain, since my kids have had the movie on a lot lately.  

I tried to get her looking right, by checking a picture of a doll of her, for sale on the computer.

I am a little bit tempted to keep her for myself :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Leaf

I was formulating some ideas for a blog post, in my head though out the day.  You see I was feeling all good, & un-jaded, going about my tasks today.  I've been out running a lot lately, & feel good about that. Bought myself two new pairs of running shoes for my treks...have been eating a little better.  New art in the works.  You get the picture.  I was telling myself, I had kind of turned over a new leaf(just a little)...same Aimie, only the new & improved model. 

But old habits die hard, & with one email(& phone call), this new, all is right with the world Aimie, came back down to earth.  So now I feel like the title of my post should really be " Girl Scouts Make Me Want To Scream".  Ha ha. See I have been trying to be a Leader, & form a troop for my daughter to be in since September.  The irony is, it was never my dream to be a girl scout leader...not even on my radar.  But you see, my daughter Sage really wanted to do it, & I want her to get to experience the whole thing, if that's what she wants.  So I went to that fateful meeting, & no one else would step up & lead, so I said yes.  I don't even have a place for them to meet(too many pets & chaos here),  or someone to watch my son, while we meet.  But anyway, I got my background check, watched online videos, went to training.  So since September, I have been waiting for a co-leader, by law I can't lead without a co-leader who has gone through the background check too, had the training, etc.  I was told someone finally stepped up, Yay!  More waiting, I checked on it, & was told the person was getting background checked.  Didn't hear anything, & checked on the status again...heard nothing.  So I decided to put the whole thing on hold until the holidays were over.  Anyway, just heard the person who was going to co-lead didn't pass their background check, so can't help me.  Back to square one.  Hmmmm...but yet I am supposed to have a parent meeting anyway, & try to get someone to step up & help.  Right this minute I am feeling like my heart isn't in it at all.  I was nervous about doing the whole thing in the first place, & now I am getting a little anxious just thinking about all the details that need to be sorted out.  Ahhh, taking a breath here.

So anyway, I guess my whole "new leaf" thing gave way to a Girl Scout rant :)  It's funny how little things can sometimes knock us off course.  I am trying to not let them so much, trying not to let things get me down.  Anyway, I leave you with some new art I finished today...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Pieces, Like Tiny Regrets

Hi there, this is my new art piece...a little larger than I normally do(it's 18 x 24 inches).  Had a good time making it.  It is acrylic paint, watercolors & pencil.  Her clothes, hair, & flower leaves are pieces of magazine pages, cut out & carefully placed.

Here is what it looked like in it's first stage:

                                          Starting to paint some flowers.

                                                     All finished

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1 of 365 Around The Sun

There are always things I am excited about in a new year, it's kind of like a clean slate, & I like that...I can always use a clean slate :)  There are some things on my mind, in my heart, to do this year.  I have been thinking of writing a children's book, so hey, I am going to give it a try.  There are races I am looking forward to running coming up(& being in better shape for), & maybe a trip to another country (who knows what's in store).  What about you, what's in your head to do this new year?  Happy 2012!