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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't Drink The Water

Wow.  Last day of April here.  Summers just around the bend!

Just returned a couple days ago, from a little adventure in Mexico.  My Dad & oldest daughter Sage went also, with a group of people from church.

We got to hang out, & play with some really cute Oaxacan kids.  I tried out my bad Spanish on them :)  It was an awesome time, just to show them some love.  Also, a good first trip to a different area for my daughter, to see that all the world is not like our little bubble here in California. I try to tell my kids that, but I think it's really something you have to experience.  Anyway, I am proud of her...she can be a little shy in new situations, but she stepped out of her comfort zone, & embraced the whole thing, which was really cool to see.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Indy, Growing Up. Earth Day & Art

Hi there.  Seems like awhile, huh?

Hope life is treating you well :) 

I've been a little scattered lately(or distracted), whatever you want to call it.  A good scattered though....Spring birthdays, races,etc..... a bedroom closet halfway through renovations. My clothes want their home back!  Basically just life, so all is good in the hood.

My  girl, India, just turned 7.  My funny, middle kid.  Love her chipmunk cheeks, her love of animals(except birds :), & how she says I love you to me, about a 100 times a night.  So  just about every year, what she wants to do for her birthday is go to The Natural History Museum in LA.  Love it, & am more than happy to go there instead of sitting at one of those loud kid's party places.  This year, the kid's friend Gino came along with us.

A few shots taken on Earthday below.  We went on a local trail to pick up trash, but actually didn't find too much, which was good.

I was drawn to all these colorful cacti, as we were buying some backyard things on Earth Day.  Bought a few.  Am wondering though, if they were spray painted?

I get to work a cool art fair this June, in Long Beach.  Ive been trying to make some things here & there, when I'm at home, & can focus....that means no kids beating down my door :)  Here are a couple new things:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Muse

Whew! Well, I have made it to Thursday of my kid's Spring Break week.  So far so good, only a few minor scuffles among them.  I've been occupying them by going on trails, going to the nursery & picking out plants, working in our backyard....basically being outside A LOT!  I am enjoying it, for the most part & it's times like these I start to think that maybe I could homeschool my kids. Then I could make my own schedule with them, & do some really cool lessons(& of course go on lots of field trips).  Trust me, it's usually just a fleeting thought, & then I remind myself I must be on a Spring fever high, & not thinking clearly :) 

Anyway.....I am loving the warmer Spring weather, & all the blooming colors out in the world.  It's been inspiring me to go out & get my hands dirty. My backyard looks much improved with some new flowers.  Also, it's been spurring me on to make some new things lately.  Here are a few recent things to show:

Some shots from the past few days: