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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Muse

Whew! Well, I have made it to Thursday of my kid's Spring Break week.  So far so good, only a few minor scuffles among them.  I've been occupying them by going on trails, going to the nursery & picking out plants, working in our backyard....basically being outside A LOT!  I am enjoying it, for the most part & it's times like these I start to think that maybe I could homeschool my kids. Then I could make my own schedule with them, & do some really cool lessons(& of course go on lots of field trips).  Trust me, it's usually just a fleeting thought, & then I remind myself I must be on a Spring fever high, & not thinking clearly :) 

Anyway.....I am loving the warmer Spring weather, & all the blooming colors out in the world.  It's been inspiring me to go out & get my hands dirty. My backyard looks much improved with some new flowers.  Also, it's been spurring me on to make some new things lately.  Here are a few recent things to show:

Some shots from the past few days: 

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