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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 Races

2 Races.

1 hard, one easy. 

I'll tell you about the easy breezy, colorful one first.  We did Run or Dye a couple weeks back( a little slow on my blogging).  It was in LA, & appealed to me cause not only is it a short little jaunt, that my 8 year old girlie can do....but you also come out of it looking a bit tye-dyed.  Runners are given colored powder to throw on each other, & there are spots during the race that volunteers lob the powder at you too.  Fun stuff, except for the big chunk of it a rather tall guy in front of my chucked over his shoulder right as we were beginning to run.  I was COLOR blind for a minute or two, as I picked out of my eye, while doing a slow trot.



This past weekend, Richard & I did our 3rd "Great Silverado Footrace".  It's not a big race like a lot of the others out there, with tons of people & sponsers.  It's basically just you, the mountain, & maybe 40 other people....which pretty much usually leave us in the dust.  I love it cause of it's grassroots feel, & because it is harder than heck!  Doing the 7 mile route of up & down mountain after mountain this year was super challenging.  7 miles is hardly nothing on a paved path, but this is anything but a paved level path.  This race kicks my I'm sure we'll be back for more punishment next year :) 

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