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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April's End

Last day of April today, & I feel like it's pretty much Summer already.  Plans are being made, dates have been booking up for fun stuff for awhile now.  I've been going back & forth today with my good friend Jennifer, about Summer plans, to visit her in Nebraska.  I actually had the slightly crazy idea of driving by myself with the kids all the way from So Cal to Omaha to avoid the dreaded plane trip. That's desperation, cause that is one of heck of a car trip. ha ha.  I wish I felt ok flying, it would make my life so much easier!  

Anyway, life is just moving full steam ahead.  My girl's birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other, so India turned 8 awhile back, & this Saturday my oldest, Sage, will be the big 10.  The husband-guy & I have been "training" for a half marathon we are doing together, this weekend.  I don't think we prepared as well as we should have, but that's the story of my life.  I'm sure it'll all be good & we'll cross the finish line with a semi-decent time...fingers crossed :)

This past weekend, without sounding like too much of a freak, it was kind of like my dream come true...we went to the OC Pet Expo & I was in animal heaven.  Got to see all my favorite breeds, Bulldogs, Dogue De Bordeauxs, St. Bernards(want), etc.  There were dogs to adopt, cats, name it.  Good thing my house has enough animals, or I'm sure I would've brought home 1 or 2. 

I feel like I haven't had as much time as I'd like lately to spend on my art, & am slightly in a slump.  Maybe a creative block, like writer's block?  Not sure.  Ive worked on a few things...just want to get back into it more.

These are some pictures from our recent days...

India with her Blythe doll she got for her birthday.

Mixed Media Collage

India with a cute Dogue De Bordeaux at the Pet Expo

Yes, we like to pose with random dogs :) Sage with a Newfoundland.

Love our evening runs. Even the little guy can do a couple miles!

Clay Art Doll Head Planter made recently