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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I think I like getting away in the Fall, for a little breather.   Might have to make this a new tradition. Last weekend we went with friends to this treesy place, somewhat in San Diego county. Near what, I couldn't tell you, but it was pretty. The road in is only a tiny bit windy, I was sitting with my dog in the front seat, as we drove there. She was the lucky one picked to come with, since she is the best behaved of our three. She has an Achille's heal though(or paw, I should say)...she gets car sick.  Soooo, we had almost made it through our trek there when we hit a few minor twists & turns, & she lost it. Did I mention who she was sitting on? Anyway, the place has lot's of big old Oaks, that I'm sure have been around long before me. Outstretched limbs, dipping near the ground, good for climbing. My friend & I got a run in there.  A little hotter, & a little longer than we anticipated, but an adventure nonetheless. All in all, a nice time playing out in the dirt.
Most of the gang

Us weirdos

Evening Hike

We were sitting in a tree here, but you can't quite tell

The pool was icy cold, but I jumped in twice, as it was doubling as my shower :)

Little Bear's 1st Camping trip.  She seemed to enjoy it

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So Much For The Perfect Shot

This past weekend we made our annual trek to Oak Glen to do some of the Fall-ish things on our list like pumpkin picking, & wandering through a never ending corn maze.  My thinking was since we are already going to this pretty place, we might as well knock our Christmas card pictures out of the way, & get our family shots there. 

Now this part is so lame but, I have to admit nothing can compare with last year's picture in my head.  I have it on a it's own little pedestal.  Everyone was looking at the camera all at once, my under eye circles miraculously didn't show up, no double chins, it was awesome.  It had to be a fluke, never to be repeated again.  

This year the kid's weren't having it.  No amount of coaxing could get them to all look straight ahead, & smile at once.  So I think we will use some of the messed up, goofing off pics that are really more like 
who we are anyway. 

...& this how all our shots pretty much went
Me, just sliding down a little slope during picture taking
When I gave up & got to get into my normal clothes....way more relaxing.

Here are a few recent things I've made...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Art

It really doesn't feel much like Fall here yet in Southern Cali.  Yesterday I saw the trees blowing just slightly, & I got somewhat excited that maybe the 95 degree temps might be on their way out, & we might start to see a little color start to pop on our trees.  Anyway, I've been working on a few fun art pieces to usher the season in.

I've always liked cutting & fashioning paper into paper these kind of take me back to what I loved to do as a kid.

Here is a painting & collage I finished the other day. I was feeling the need to make something with some bright colors...