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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So Much For The Perfect Shot

This past weekend we made our annual trek to Oak Glen to do some of the Fall-ish things on our list like pumpkin picking, & wandering through a never ending corn maze.  My thinking was since we are already going to this pretty place, we might as well knock our Christmas card pictures out of the way, & get our family shots there. 

Now this part is so lame but, I have to admit nothing can compare with last year's picture in my head.  I have it on a it's own little pedestal.  Everyone was looking at the camera all at once, my under eye circles miraculously didn't show up, no double chins, it was awesome.  It had to be a fluke, never to be repeated again.  

This year the kid's weren't having it.  No amount of coaxing could get them to all look straight ahead, & smile at once.  So I think we will use some of the messed up, goofing off pics that are really more like 
who we are anyway. 

...& this how all our shots pretty much went
Me, just sliding down a little slope during picture taking
When I gave up & got to get into my normal clothes....way more relaxing.

Here are a few recent things I've made...

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