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Thursday, October 30, 2014


I think I like getting away in the Fall, for a little breather.   Might have to make this a new tradition. Last weekend we went with friends to this treesy place, somewhat in San Diego county. Near what, I couldn't tell you, but it was pretty. The road in is only a tiny bit windy, I was sitting with my dog in the front seat, as we drove there. She was the lucky one picked to come with, since she is the best behaved of our three. She has an Achille's heal though(or paw, I should say)...she gets car sick.  Soooo, we had almost made it through our trek there when we hit a few minor twists & turns, & she lost it. Did I mention who she was sitting on? Anyway, the place has lot's of big old Oaks, that I'm sure have been around long before me. Outstretched limbs, dipping near the ground, good for climbing. My friend & I got a run in there.  A little hotter, & a little longer than we anticipated, but an adventure nonetheless. All in all, a nice time playing out in the dirt.
Most of the gang

Us weirdos

Evening Hike

We were sitting in a tree here, but you can't quite tell

The pool was icy cold, but I jumped in twice, as it was doubling as my shower :)

Little Bear's 1st Camping trip.  She seemed to enjoy it

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