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Friday, May 13, 2011

Do What You Love...

Hi there, & happy Friday to you!  Below is a doll I made for my friend's birthday.  I have to say I don't make things for just anyone, but I know she appreciates it, & she gets me, & she encourages me in my artistic pursuits.  She is a great friend to have, who is always up for an adventure, a race, a fast(not so fun)...or occasionally running through the streets of San Francisco at night :)  
Before she was painted, she looked a little like an alien.
Decorating the box she was going in.
All finished.

 Below are a few things I've made lately.  Hope to get some more things in the works next week.  
This collage sold on ETSY a little while ago.

Miss Lemony.  Painting/drawing on wood.


  1. I am grateful for our friendship. There have been many a times that talking things out with you have made me feel sane (notice that I didn't say that I AM sane....just feel sane, haha). Anyway, I do love the girl (does she have a name?). Could you tell when I opened it I super loved her?? Cuz I do. Anyway.....grateful for you.

  2. Ahhhh....grateful for our friendship too. Yes, I could tell you like her :)

    I'll leave it to you to name her :)