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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's up June Bug?

Happy June out there!  Just enjoying the day here, going to head out for some exercise soon.  Was snapping pictures of my cute little Chowder cat, out in the backyard(she loves her supervised outdoors visits :)

In other randomness, I think I've discovered I am slightly addicted to Pinterest.   So we are on a break right now...a trial seperation, if you will.  I'm sure this first day, without pinning ,will be the roughest :)
Also, I was very excited to see one of favorite artists Cori Dantini is having a new line of stuff coming out by the company Demdaco. I have 2 of her prints on my kitchen walls...can't wait to get some of the new stuff, for mi casa.

That is all for now...hope to have some new art to show soon!

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