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Monday, May 28, 2012


As this long weekend is coming to an end,  I'm just trying to finish up a few little art pieces.  Been busy inside, while the husband-guy has been working away, trying to resuscitate his car...I feel bad for him, I wish it would just run good for awhile! 

We somehow managed to get a lot in, even though me & a couple kids were sick the past few days.  Did a little exercise, went to a BBQ, & visited downtown Santa Ana for the Patchwork Art/Craft Festival yesterday....thank God for Dayquil :)  I  decided the art fair might have been one thing too many, when I was experiencing chills & then hotflashes there....ended up going home & curling up in bed.

At the Patchwork Festival...

Had to take a pic of this van.

Some clay faces I have been making.  One ending up going in a tin container I decorated, that can be hung on the wall.  The other may end up being a brooch(don't know yet).

Baldy with ears, soon to get hair.  My bedspread makes a good background, don't you think?

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