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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Practice & Pretend

Today has been a lazy day somewhat. Not lazy, like we didn't do anything, because actually we did a lot...we just didn't have anything scheduled, or have to be anywhere.  Earlier we headed to the park so my oldest daughter, Sage, could practice riding her skateboard...& for a little exercise.  

Richard was showing Sage how it's done & making us laugh...I was telling him I've never seen anyone have their butt out that far, while riding a skateboard.

  Sage gets a little frustrated when she isn't doing as great as she wants to.

I just love how kid's minds they can make something out of nothing. They are good reminders that things aren't always what they seem, if you use your imagination.  Awhile ago today, Richard & I were cleaning like crazy (Summer cleaning that should have been Spring), cause we are going to have house guests soon. I looked in the garage, where the kids were playing, & I saw they had their own little beach out there, right on the concrete.

Here are Summer buddies: Chowder & Little Bear.  Little Bear thinks she's a cat, & likes to be up on the table outside with her friend.

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