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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bears On The Brain & Melted Cake

Too many things on my mind = little sleep. Last night the main sources of my insomnia were our coming trip to Yellowstone, & preparations for my parent's 40th Anniversary party.  I was already a little paranoid about the Grizzly Bears while camping, & then I saw an article the other day, about a husband & wife who were hiking there & came upon a mother & cubs....& the man got mauled to death.  I was tossing & turning into the wee hours of the morning, wondering should I take my kids there?  What should I buy...bear spray, a hunting knife?  Should I sleep with a helmet on?  Ha ha, but seriously I am considering the helmet thing. Yellowstone is so beautiful & I just want to be able to go & relax somewhat, & not be paranoid...hopefully I'll get to that point.

Also I was thinking about my parent's party, which is this coming Sunday.  We ordered a cake with whipped cream frosting.  The party is supposed to be somewhat outdoors(at my aunt & uncle's), at 3pm, in sunny Southern California.  I was thinking, why did I plan it for 3pm, in July?  It's going to be blazing hot...I kept picturing no room in the fridge, cake frosting melting all over the place, etc. There are a lot of older people coming to the party, how are they going to hold up in the heat?  Things like this are a good reminder to me, to just let them go, stop thinking of all the what ifs...that's what I try to do these days. Let it go, it's going to be fine... it's all good!  My mantra.

In the evening yesterday, we did a trail run.  It was in Peter's Canyon & was 5 miles.  It was a fun run...there are quite a few hills at first & then it is relatively flat, as you come in towards the finish line.
Toby, Dad & Richard
Me, Catherine, Dad & Toby
One of the killer hills. 
Dad & Toby hitting the finish line.

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