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Monday, July 25, 2011

Beaches, Whales & a few things in between

Late July, already?  This summer is going fast, & we have been having a great time lately, at a few beaches & seeing some long time friends.
              Califia Beach in San Clemante.

Had to take a pic of this guy, on top of a CVS Pharmacy, in Venice Beach.

Love going to Venice's not your typical beach. It definitely has a different vibe, with it's colorful people & shops.

              Medical Marijuana anyone?

The Griffith's came to visit.  We don't get to see them much, cause they are in Nebraska.  I was thinking...I've pretty much known this girl (Jennifer), my whole life.  I can't really remember not knowing her.  It's good to have old friends who know all about you, & still like you anyway :)

This is Charlotte & Lillian, with my kids.  Crazy, I was in the room when their oldest girl, Lillian was born.  She's now 14. Time flies!

            Charlotte, Tyler, Cody, India & Sage

Yesterday, we headed to Sea World in San Diego with Jennifer/Scott & family.

I was waiting to see these guys...the Beluga Whales. Look at that cute smiley face it has.

Traffic on the way home from Sea World, but beautiful skies to look at.

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