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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Rocks!

My kid's Emily The Strange calendar sums up how I feel today(& about the upcoming Spring).  Sun is out, I got to get out on a trail, took the kids to a park(good Mom day), & have been working on a painting/collage, I am digging.

I have also been screwing around on Gimp.  We used to have Photoshop, & I was starting to know how to do some cool stuff on it.  Now we have Gimp, & I really have no bleepin' clue what I'm doing.  For example, this picture of idea what I pressed (I think it was coffee stain)  & how it turned into circles on her face.  Ha ha.  Trial & error, right?

What I should be doing, is reading.  We are in this group, & I have 2 Chapters to read for tonight.  It's about how you grew up, what type of person you are, & how you parent as that type.  According to the quiz I am an Avoider & a Vacillator.  Whatever :)   Although, I must admit some of the descriptions rang true.  I think the last line in the picture below is kind of funny...

So instead of doing my "homework" for group, I have been making some art.  I'll show more of the process of making it when I am done.  Here is a picture of how it looks so far.  Adios for now.

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