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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty Queens

I love that my girls are getting a little older, & I can take them a long more places, & enjoy doing older things with them.  This afternoon, I kind of bribed them.  I told them if they run stairs with me, at Sage's elementary school, I would take them to the playground.  It worked out for all of us.  I got my exercise partners, & they got to play.

When we got home, they wanted makeovers.  See, this is why I like having girls....they like to do things like this :)
I told Sage to do the "serious model pose".  

India really gets into her posing.

I was thinking, looking at them with make up on...oh man, wait til' they're teenagers & the boys come around.  Future heart breakers.

I worked on this art print today.  It is of my clay doll, Matilda.  Richard assisted me...I have the ideas in my head, but usually need some help making them come about. Sometimes, I think he is the genius behind my madness. Ha ha.  Anyway, the Matilda print has some texture(kind of looks like paint splatter), that I got from Deviant Art. They have some good textures on their site.  Then I added some hand drawn flowers of mine, & a paper feather.  Ta-da.

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