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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flora with her flower-head

So I am a girl who Loves, Loves to be out digging in the dirt, tending to the blooms & sprouts in my backyard.  I used to get a lot more time to just work outside, in the garden, back in the days before kids.  I miss it some, & I when I envision my ideal place to live, it's not the big house I want....but some land.  A big yard to do whatever I want with....some chickens, some vegetables & herbs, flowers of course, & a mini cow for sure.  Yes, there is such a thing as mini cows, & they are mighty cute.  When I still lived at my folks house, I had quite a little oasis in their backyard.  Basically I think I took over their back yard...& they let me. I remember I would spend quite a few hours sometimes, just planting, & weeding, & keeping it all looking nice.  I had shade plants with a cover over the top, a little pond, in the ground, with water plants, & goldfish in it. On the other side of the yard, I had a little cactus garden.  Also, I should mention, that I had a big two room bird aviary built in their backyard.  It was built for my 18th birthday(crazy girl, wanting an aviary for my BD).  We had white doves, Diamond doves, Finches, Quails, Lovebirds, & parakeets in there. What is my point...besides my parents indulging my whims?  Nothing much.  Just thinking about gardening, & the satisfaction it brings me. Hoping I will spend more time in the soil, in the coming months.  Just happy summer is almost here, & I will be outdoors more...that's all.
This my new girl Flora.  I have been kicking around ideas in my head, about making a clay doll head, & opening the top of the head for a little plant, or nature scene.  Since that is what she thinks about, it is only fitting, it is coming out of her head.

She has moss on top of her head, with paper flowers,  grasses & a little clay bird.  I plan on trying to make a girl with real air plants or succulents coming out of her head...that'll be a project for next week maybe.  Anyway, all this talk(or should I say typing) of gardening/being outdoors has reminded me, I need to go out & water.  Happy planting, or tree hugging to you...whatever you are into :)

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