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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Padre's Day

I was digging through my parent's pictures, at their house yesterday.  I was on a search, for pictures of them, to use for their 40th Anniversary party, that is coming up.  Found a few good ones, & ended up finding this picture of my Dad & I....quite handsome, back in the day, don't you think?  I have been blessed to have a great Father, & I am grateful .  A lot of people have rotten ones, so I know I am lucky. He always had time for us, & never gave up on my brother or I (we were quite a handful).  He has taught me a lot by his example.  He is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back, works hard(2 jobs), & I never hear him complain(I'm still working on that one).  He is content with simple things, doesn't need a lot of money or stuff to make him happy...& I love all those things about him.

Yesterday, for an early Father's Day outing, we went to Descanso Gardens with my folks & brother.  I love this place, & used to get to go there more, when we lived closer.  It's in La Canada(near Pasadena).

One thing I would say to my girls, & will say when they are a bit marry someone like your Dad.  I think that is good advice for most girls(assuming they had a good one).  I didn't do this on purpose, but I realize now, that Richard has a lot of the same good qualities my Dad has.  They are both super patient, both have a great sense of humor & can make you laugh(that is important), both hard working, etc.  Anyway, those are my words of wisdom(I don't usually have many :)

My kids have been working on this little terrarium to give to Richard today.  

      India was so excited to have Richard open her gifts she made in school.

We are headed out to friends house, in awhile, to celebrate the rest of the day.  Actually, I am supposed to be making appetizers, & instead I am glued to this computer.  I better get cooking.  Happy Father's Day!

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