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Monday, June 27, 2011

Palm Springs & Things

We returned yesterday afternoon, from spending a few days in the very hot desert.  Luckily, we were poolside, to keep cool, with friends most of time.  Funny, I never went on vacations like this as a kid.  It was all about sleeping in a tent, on the ground, freezing your you know what off.  Which has actually given me a love for camping, believe it or not. So I never pictured myself as a sit beside the poolside kind of gal, but it doesn't take long to get used to that sort of thing!  
Sage & India got so tan!  As for me, I got a little pink with some more freckles, I'm sure.
Here is some of the group that went. There was a whole other table of kids too.

I made this today.  I was kind of laughing to myself...about the title of the picture.  It just came from my head, & I wrote it.  It's not a cry for help or anything.

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