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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Call Me Orangey

First official full day of summer here, with all 3 kids home.  We filled the first part of our day running errands, & going to a park, with a little nature trail.  I ran the stairs there a couple of times, but decided it didn't feel quite right running in jean shorts...should have planned ahead.
So in honor of summer, & the fact that I am somewhat pale, I decided to get a tan(the safe way).  I went & got a spray tan yesterday. I was surprised how quick it was(only like 30 seconds). I really didn't know what to expect. I had to stand butt naked in a contraption that sprayed me front & back, like a car wash.  Here's the part where I think I messed up, I don't think I payed attention to the directions too well.  I think I was supposed to put their special lotion in wrinkles, creases, & in my nail beds, etc. so the color wouldn't pool there.  Also was supposed to wipe down with a towel afterward....instead of air drying, like I did.  Oops.
Ha ha...these are my feet, & by the way, I usually hate showing my feet.  This picture does not show them in their full orange blotchy loveliness.  Even my nails are orange too.  I think spray tans may not be for me. Next time I think I am just going to have to embrace my lack of color, & be happy with it.

Cody is enjoying the nice warm day.  He finds things like swimming trunks & diapers a little cumbersome, when he is outside.

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