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Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Inspiring Place

Today we went to The Camp, with friends.  I really love this place, it is outdoorsy, hip, & has some fun & quirky shops.

Look, even their parking lot is super neat...

Nice little Airstream trailer(I got to get me one of these), which is a shop that hadn't opened yet.

There were a lot of kids with us :)

This store has a tree they built in the middle of it, with giant yarn balls hanging from it.  Hmmm...I wonder if I could re-create this at my place?  I bet our cat would like it!

Cody was having fun trying on hats, in one of the stores.

In other news (well, not really news)....I started this new clay girl yesterday & just finished her.  I had found this cool, old, ornate metal piece. I bought it & knew I wanted to incorporate it into one of my dolls.  So here is different stages of making her, & the finished product.

At this point in time, when it is just a faceless head, it always looks a little strange.  I wonder what it is going to end up looking like...

I am calling it(her), Willow and Her Feathers. I like the way she turned out, a little Indian, a tad Bohemian, a tiny bit Steampunk...all rolled into one.

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