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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Birthday

TIRED....we had a houseful of Kindergarten girls here earlier, for India's 6th birthday.  It was perfect that the party date fell on Earth Day, a theme I can get into :)  They decorated pots & planted Marigolds in them, made dirt dessert (pudding, crushed oreos, with Gummy worms coming out of the top).  I decided to spare them my talk on the environment/climate change, etc.  Just kidding, I wasn't really going to give a speech or anything, 5 & 6 year old brains might be a bit young for that. I was kind of thinking of having them pick up trash around the neighborhood kids think it's actually fun. Ended up deciding it wouldn't be wise to hit the streets with a bunch of little ones, & try to keep my eyes on all of them.  Although, it would have been kind of amusing when the parents asked their kid what they did, & they told them they went out gathering trash at a BD party. Anyway, they all had fun making things &  eventually the party ended up in my girl's room, where I found them all putting makeup on each other, & jumping off the top bunk bed.  

                                          Happy Earth Day to you!

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