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Monday, April 30, 2012


I bought this new shirt the other day, because it was callin' my name. I think it's my new favorite shirt.  Actually, I was thinking I should have bought several of them(filled my closet).  What if this one wears out?  It is just me, & it makes me happy.  As you see(picture below), it's a bit color crazy, so I love it.

These colors are inspiring me to make something(that & the fact that it feels like I haven't had much time for my art lately). I am thinking something maybe slightly offbeat, colorful...we shall see.  

More inspiration...rugs, fabric, in my place.

Today I bought some new clay today, beads, & some random bits & baubles that caught my eye.  I liked these little coil thingees(don't know what they are technically used for), in the jewelry section.  Also for some reason I also grabbed a pack of little silver safety pins. I had a vision in my head of how to use them. Sometimes the "vision" in my head doesn't always translate as well as I would like it to when I am actually in the creative process.  It's a little of a crap shoot.  So stay tuned, I am hoping to incorporate these things in a clay art doll soon.

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