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Monday, August 26, 2013

Canyon Love

Give me mountains, give me desert....I could totally live there!  We've returned from our last hurrah of the Summer.  We hiked, & ran, explored, & admired the heck out of the beauty, that is this place...the Grand Canyon.  So very pretty.

Road trip--In the Cali desert, on our way

Sling Shot boy here, under strict orders only to shoot at tree trunks!
Hiking below the rim.  I'd love to hike all the way to the bottom one day.

Very cool tower, the name escapes me.  Great views from the top...although there was rain & lightening when we were in it.
Inside the tower
Love the ceiling art!
Is it me, or has Smokey the Bear been working out?
My Dad with Cody
Elk & Deer wander through the campground quite a bit
Love this little guy
India & Sage posing...Cody hiding in back

India's cute souvenir
The whole clan, minus the camera lady :)
So that is all folks, & now back to reality.  Home & chores, school shopping... & Fall just around the corner.  Grateful for an awesome Summer & many memories!

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