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Friday, August 9, 2013

Recent Meanderings & Creations

Pink August Skies the other night...driving around trying to capture them.
Really? August already?

I think I could live my whole life in a Summer state of mind...wandering, exploring, creating my way through the days. Although, I guess Summer is more sweet because it only lasts for awhile.

We have been hitting the trails several times a week.  Kids on scooters, me jogging along side.  Or sometimes the kids running too. Also, I've been putting on the lovely swimming cap & goggle ensemble, to do laps in the pool each week. Still can't say I LOVE swimming, but sometimes I kind of enjoy it.  I have 2 races coming.  Half Marathon in October, & a Triathlon in December(yikes).  It seems like I had plenty of time to get ready awhile back, but now the races are coming fast.  I'm excited to visit San Francisco again, that's where the Half Marathon is, & I always love to roam the streets there.

I've been making some things lately.  A few clay pieces, a few paintings, that I will show.

Clay, paints, paper, vintage thimble....mounted on wood.

MS. Kahlo.  I decided to go for the groomed eyebrow look, not a fan of the unibrow :)
Mixed media.  Acrylics, chalks, watercolors, paper

Melancholy clay lady with yarn hair & little white hat

Starting a new painting

Finished the above painting. Acrylic, chalk, watercolor on wood.

Some pictures from our recent days...

Sawdust Festival in Laguna
Sawdust Festival again, I was trying to get a shot of the gloved hand behind me.

The Loving Hut....yummy Vegan food

One of our many treks on a trail.  This is in Whiting Ranch

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