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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Plate Of Fettucini

We returned from our first little trip, this past weekend, to Palm Springs.  It's always a fun opener to the rest of Summer.  I was a little worried about Cody around the pool, since he believes his swimming skills to be far greater then they actually are!  We loaded him up with plenty of floatation though, & he was good to go. 

It's always good to catch up with friends, & unwind for a few days!  Ahhhh but here comes the glass half empty part.  I was thinking, as I was eating one of my mayo-less, cheese-less veggie burgers on the trip.....WHY do I do this?  I don't even look terribly fit.  I  look around & I see people eating appetizers, whatever they want through out the day, & here's the kicker.....they don't seem to feel guilty! Not guilty about the animals, not about the calories, nada.  Sometimes I wish I had a little of that.  Basically, I sometimes wish I could just eat an occasional plate of Fettucini with Alfredo Sauce(which is not healthy in the least),  & not feel one iota of guilt. Ha ha.  Ok, done with my rant....& I'm not going back to dairy(except for my occasional bites of chocolate I sneak).

So I guess it's about being kind to yourself, giving yourself grace....not comparing yourself to the woman with 3% body fat across the pool.  Hmmm, I'm learning :)


That is all for today.  We have a busy Summer ahead of us, A few camping trips to come.  I have a bike race in Long Beach coming up, in a couple weeks.  Will have some new art work to show soon!

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