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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Party's Over

Well, it is back to my normal life after 4 days of go, go, go....which was great fun!  My lifelong friend, Jennifer, came & stayed with us for 3 days. She came all the way from Nebraska, for my 40th birthday.  I was surprised when she called to tell me she was flying here to see me & celebrate with us :)

Here is some of the last few days. First I'll start out with the slightly strange one...

Why, the pic sans clothing, you ask?  I can't explain it all right here, you'd have to live in my head. But basically I've always had hang ups about how I look, & my weight, getting older, la la la.  So I've been working past that.  I really don't want to care about that stuff anymore. 40 is a milestone, might as well do crazy things that I want to do, right? Which sometimes means being naked, holding a sign on top of a hill, & freezing your ass off :)

Out on the town with Jennifer

My bowling party with some great friends

Winding down the weekend with my parents & brother....

Having trouble all looking at the camera at the same time :)

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