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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sunny Saturday & I Need To Get Out

It feels like Spring out there, & if all goes according to my plan....the family & I will get out on a trail, or outdoors someplace today.  Right now, I am waiting, semi-patiently for them to stir & feel the itch to do something.  But my kids seem content to be glued to the tube right now, & my husband is napping. We all have our different ideas about what a fun Saturday entails.

This is a painting I finished the other day.  Its acrylic, watercolor, & paper on canvas.  I want to try & work on a different style face, sometimes I attempt to go another direction with a painting, & the face that comes out is just a variation of my usual face.  I guess that is just my painting style, but that doesn't mean my work can't evolve.  I'm going to keep experimenting.

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