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Monday, August 1, 2016

16 Days

A little over 2 weeks until(if all goes according to plan) we are in our van, packed to the gills with kids & pets, headed out to Colorado.

We've been slowly saying some goodbyes. It feels weird to me. It's sad & freeing at the same time. I can never quite pinpoint my emotions because my heart is such a mix of wanting people close, but also wanting to push them away & run.

 A lot of people I've known at church for years & years, been in meetings or groups with them, but not known terribly I know goodbye is really goodbye, because we are not close enough to really keep in touch.

The few close friends, the ones I love, I know I will see again. They will still be in my life.  But still it will change, just because we won't be in close proximity anymore.  I am notoriously bad at picking up the phone & calling people, & awkwardly uncomfortable on Face we'll see how this goes :)

Anyway, 16 days. I'm scared, I'm nervous.  That's what life all about, doing things that scare you a bit.  It will be awesome!

P.S. I've decided that Virginia Woolf & I share a bit of the same brain.  Love her!

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