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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year End

Christmas was pretty calm & peaceful.  We had absolutely no place to go this year.  So the kids got to tinker with their new toys all day, which was nice.  I say this every year, but it's always over so fast!  Now we are headed towards the New Year in a couple days.  I've been thinking about what things I want more of, & what things I want less of in my life for 2017.  What things I want to try(weaving on a loom, hiking the high peaks around here). Which races I'd like to sign up for.  Much thinking.

In this new year I hope to continue to seek out cool people whom I can connect with.  I know I'm not good at shallow friendships, it's such a waste to me.  I just want to be with people more & more who are okay with putting themselves out there.  It's a little discouraging when you share deep things with people & it's not reciprocated.  Luckily that doesn't happen all the time, or with everyone.  Just wanting to spend more time with people who get it, I guess.

Also, I plan on continuing to work on all my mixed thoughts about my relationship with God & His followers :) And as always....working on my self & my lovely array of issues.  Hoping 2017 is a productive year!

Christmas Day
Christmas loot & family
Running in Boulder Canyon
Partially frozen Boulder Creek

Rabbit Mountain Hike


Boulder Creek duck friends
Love this wall in Boulder

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