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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The March Pics & Thoughts

I've kind of been gathering my thoughts since the awesome Women's March in Denver.  It was a little over a week ago, & I've had all this stuff swirling in my head like tea leaves since.  

First off,  so cool to have my oldest girl by my side.  We had good talks on our drive there, & the way back.  She can talk my ear off, when given the chance.  I love that she is developing her own thoughts about things by observation, research & experiences.  I made up my mind a long time ago that I wasn't going to tell my kids how or what to think.  I try & show the type of person I am in how I treat others & the things that are important to me, but all of my 3 kids will have to decide for themselves what they stand for.  Anyway, very cool to have her experience so many women standing up for important causes in one place!

I felt over all the March was a positive, peaceful movement that brought all of us like minded people together.  Then I got home & saw some negative things on social media about us "protesters." So, I wasn't aware I was going there to protest, I considered it more of standing united with other women who don't want their rights taken away either.  Women who want to be valued, & Yes, maybe send a message to our new dear President that we don't take kindly to his many disgusting remarks about women's bodies.  

Something that makes me kind of sad is the silent disapproval I feel from some.  Here's the thing, when my kids grow up & if they look at the world a bit differently than I do, I still want to talk about all kinds of things with them & know what they are up to in life.  It's just conversation, no big deal. "How was the Women's March?"..."Oh, it was good. Really crowded, but I'm glad I went".

So bottom line to my rambling, we don't all have to agree on everything.  We all come at this life from so many different experiences & perspectives.  I guess I just want to say I am proud of myself for going, & I think I am turning into a pretty strong lady with a good heart.  Me going to a Women's March or not going to Women's March, or my political party, or any of that jazz does not make any less/more moral or right.  In my perfect world, all the people in my life would get that.

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