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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sickies and Chickies

I am thinking I am rather clever right now, with my title.  This whole week, actually some of last week too, one or more of us has had some kind of malady going on.  Yesterday, the kids finally brought me down with all their lovely germs, & I was in bed all day.  
One of my sick girls, asleep in the sun.
This morning most of us were feeling better, and we decided to venture out to the bookstore.  I was looking in the art & photography section, when I heard this older lady near me ask her husband if she could get another chicken book.  It must be fate, I tell ya....chicken people keep coming my way(the other day at church, I met someone who has them too).  Anyway, I went over to her & we started talking about the book she had in her hands, & she told me a little about her chickens, & coop in her backyard.  She told me what I keep hearing....they make great pets.

Ok, so I live in a condo with a micro-sized back yard, & yes, my husband has tried to dissuade me from this idea(but I think he knows that doesn't work by now).  So I bought the book, & we shall see if pet chickens are in our future!

We arrived home from the bookstore just in time to get a call from my daughter Sage's school, saying she was sick in the nurse's office.  Off we went to get her, & now it looks like I am homebound again for awhile. Grateful for the hour or so, I got to get out this morning!

Poor Baby

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