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Monday, March 21, 2011

It Really Wasn't A Race

Yay, glad Spring is here!  I am going to wait & plant some pretty flowers, out in my backyard, when the rain stops.  Also,  will maybe plant a vegetable or two.  Looking forward to that!

Whose feet are these?  Richard, Me, Aunt Monica, Uncle Larry, Toby, Dad & Maya's.
We did a race/trail run/hike/bush wacking(seriously) thing, this past weekend.  It's called the Great Silverado Footrace, & it is in the little town of Silverado, near our place.  It's a cool mountain/hippie type of town.  I was telling Richard we should move there.  Anyway, this race started out with a 1000 ft vertical climb up the mountain which took forever & I really don't see how you could run it, unless you are a mountain goat!  It was beautiful once we got to the top, & could see the town below & lots of surrounding mountains.  There were lots of wildflowers on our paths, & moss on rocks...lots to look at.  It was also super challenging.  Parts of this race, we were fighting our way through branches & plants & there really wasn't too much of a path.  So I guess it wasn't too much of a  running race for us, being that we were almost the last ones to come in, & knew we weren't in the running for 1st place.  It was an adventure though, that I will do again next year!

That is Toby & Richard on the mountain across from us.

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