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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some shots of the kids eating breakfast, with some cheery daffodils on the table.  I keep getting a couple of bunches, at Trader Joes, every time I go...cause I love them!  Glad the sun is shining today. I am in a much better mood when I see those golden rays.  Plus I need to be in a good mood today, because I was poked and prodded at the dentist earlier, & had what seemed like way too many shots in my mouth!  It is now way later & most of the left side of my face is still numb.  Trying to eat, drink, or even smile is pretty comical.  So I was sitting out back awhile ago, enjoying the Springiness of today...watching 2 of my kids dig in the dirt & the dogs too....nice day(despite the tooth Dr.)!

Nothing to do with Spring flowers or anything, but thought I'd add this picture of India & Little Bear.  She really is a nice puppy, & I am glad  the other dogs both like her, & the cat too.  Right now she is curled up  in a ball, after a hard morning of getting puppy shots & playing in the dirt outside.

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